Animation studio White Fox presents to us yet Striptease-studio89-Article-1_03
another of their potential masterpiece, Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Starting Life in Another World). White Fox animation studio have been creating works of incredible art such us ‘Katanagatari’ and ‘Steins;Gate’. With their credibility, I doubt that this show won’t disappoint us anytime soon.

Re:Zero starts off at a convenience store with our high school student protagonist, Natsuki Subaru. After paying for his instant ramen and chips, he suddenly felt chills crawling down his spine and had visions of what seems to be a person dying. Subaru did not let the visions bother him and proceeded to cross the street. As he stepped forward, a dimensional rift appeared and suddenly disappeared like a flash of lightning. The next thing he knew was that he isn’t in Japan anymore.

In this alternate world, different races live together which includes but not limited to: humans, reptilian humanoids, giants, and elves. Lost and confused, Subaru decided to go around and gather information. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this strange world aren’t united as what Subaru expected them to be. Being kicked out from a Reptilian-only Tavern and Cat-only Inn, Subaru sneaked into the back alley to weep. Whilst bringing out his frustration, he was approached by three thugs who wanted to mug him. This is when he learned that by being in this strange world he has such amazing strength. Their conversation came to a halt when a little girl named Felt passed by the alley, Subaru thought that she would help him out but ended in a disappointment. After Felt disappeared into thin air, Subaru started beating up the weaker thugs who only took a hit to fall. The leader thug gained the advantage over Subaru when he took out his daggers. Subaru, frightened by the daggers, stood back. Due to an unfair advantage over Subaru, he was cornered and beat up – this is when a mysterious silver haired girl appeared. She possesses what seems to be ice magic and shoved the thugs away. She asked Subaru if she knew who stole her insignia, unfortunately, he does not know. Subaru suddenly collapsed as he stood up.

Upon waking up, Subaru noticed that his head was laid somewhere soft, only to be surprised that he was lying down on a giant cat’s lap. The cat’s name is Pack, and the mysterious silver haired girl owns it. Subaru also noticed that his wounds are healed. He then swore that he’d help the girl find whatever she’s looking for. Later on, after numerous attempts to look for the culprit, they finally introduced themselves to one another. The girl introduced herself as Satella, but Pack’s expression suggests that that isn’t her true name. Who exactly is Satella? Why doesn’t she want to use her real name?

The trio proceeded to look for the culprit untilStriptease-studio89-Article-1_07
Satella noticed a little girl crying on the street. She
was lost and is looking for her mother. Satella and
Subaru helped the little girl find her mother. After
the side trip, they stopped by a bridge where they
rested for a bit. We can finally see some potential
romance from this show after Subaru unconsciously
flirted with Satella.

Stella and Subaru went back into the city square to
gather more information about the culprit. They
ended up asking the ‘Appa’ merchant who doesn’t
want to help them because they are broke. A while
later, they were surprised to find out that the father
of the little they saved was the Appa merchant. To
express his gratitude, the Appa merchant said that
the culprit was probably Felt and she can be found
over at the slums. Upon reaching the slums, eyes
turned to them. Poor people eyeing them waiting for
a chance to steal from them. When they asked a
local about the whereabouts of Felt, they were led to a loot house at the end of the slums.

When they finally reached the loot house, Subaru asked Satella to stay outside and ordered her to only
come in when he gives a signal. Satella agreed, and Subaru went inside. Upon going inside, Subaru was
surprised to find the loot house empty and silent. As he turned to his right to look for someone, he
noticed blood flowing beneath his shoes. As Subaru looked up, he saw a dead body and freaked out. As he
turns to run away, he was slashed in the guts by someone. Satella knocked on the door and proceeded
inside. When Satella noticed Subaru lying on the floor bleeding, she was also shut down by the
mysterious murderer. The next scene involved the vision Subaru saw before he was warped into the
alternate world. Who tried to kill them? What will happen to our protagonists? We’ll probably find that
out in the next episode.

My thoughts about Re:Zero revolves around the visions. Re:Zero, at first look, seems like your typical
action-packed adventure involving a male and a female protagonist who has a common goal. They later
end up as a couple and that’s probably the selling point (think Sword Art Online). I believe this isn’t the
case. Going back to the visions Subaru had before he entered the alternate world and the final scene, I
believe this will end up like “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi” where the duo would probably get back in time
and make things right – in other words, Revival. But this is just a speculation. If that were the case, then
this series will be amazing. Everyone’s probably sick and tired of all those cliché story lines we see that
are mostly used to fill in time for broadcasting companies, so having something new or something that
hasn’t been fully abused yet would be fulfilling and satisfying.

Interestingly enough, Re:Zero gives us a really good package: (1) The art is very good! If you like the
character designs from Sankarea, Steins;Gate, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
then you’ll probably love this show. (2) Story line seems to be taking off into something unique and
enjoyable, not all cutesy with a touch of gore – something we didn’t see much during the previous anime
seasons. (3) A realist main character. We don’t see one nowadays. With these 3 key points I believe that
this series will be a really good one. Hopefully, they wouldn’t rush the production as that would ruin the
show (think Boku Dake ga Inai Machi). Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu should definitely be in
your watch list this season.