Among the hundreds of thousands of Japanese animation fans, there are also handful of Otaku who are deeply into the dark corners of Hentai. The reason for this is extremely simple, they want to experience sexual arousal from a technological, cyberpunkish point of view. Interestingly enough, Hentai offers a plethora of pornographic sub-genres which includes: Netorare, Alien, Guro, Scat, and much more.

Hentai has been a really hot topic for debate especially in Japan as it has become a hotspot or den of people who seek the deeper, more hidden sub-genres of pornography.

Thinking of ways to protect the subculture, various Mangaka (Japanese comicbook artists) think of ingenious ways to get around the problem. Due to their ingenuity and wit, I became interested in the inner workings of these people. By doing so, I believe that this will help me improve on writing my own erotic novels and find inspiration in continuing the projects which I discontinued due to social constraints.

Follow me as I embark on a “Wired” journey to perfection. I believe that by studying and watching hentai would open the inner artistic depths of my mind. If you dare walk into desecrated land, together let us open the eye that has once been sealed from us.